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Decoding Desire

Sex has been on the minds of scientists about as long as it has been on everyone else’s – but what about desire? Decoding Desire unravels the mysteries of sex and desire and explores how sexual diversity and the experience of pleasure itself may be the key to species survival.

Whether exploring the brain chemistry of love and monogamy, the decreasing differences between men and women or the surprising truth behind what turns us on and why, Decoding Desire will challenge everything you thought you knew about sex and desire and leave you looking at men, and women, in a whole new way.


  • DR. JIM PFAUS (PhD, Neuropsychologist)
  • MARLENE ZUK (PhD, Evolutionary Biologist and Behavioural Ecologist)
  • KIM WALLEN (PhD, Psychology and Behavioral Neuroendocrinologist)
  • LARRY J. YOUNG (PhD, Social Behavioural Neuroscientist)
  • MEREDITH CHIVERS (PhD, Biopsychologist)
  • JONATHAN BALCOMBE (PhD, Ethologist and author of Pleasurable Kingdom)
  • ROSLYN DAKIN (PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher)
  • DAPHNE J. FAIRBAIRN (PhD, Evolutionary Biologist)


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