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“Quite brilliant...director Blicq hits a home run with this one...I couldn’t stop watching” - TV critic James Bawden

There is a cheating epidemic going on around the world. It is estimated that at least 75 per cent of university students cheated at some point during their high school years. Many continue to do it (and few get caught) once they move on to post-secondary education. And research shows those who cheat in school go on to cheat in life.  Those cheaters are everywhere, because ours is a culture where honesty has been de-valued and a win-at-any-costs strategy is encouraged.

Now, Merit Motion Pictures and CBC Television Doc Zone are taking a hard look at this phenomenon.  In a new one-hour documentary called Faking The Grade, students, administrators, parents and teachers speak about their experiences with cases of academic misconduct, while experts provide insight into why students cheat.

International version title: The Cheating Class