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Recreating Eden Season 1

"Recreating Eden is the most extraordinary thing. A sumptuous gardening/biography program, it is not just about spectacular gardens around the world. It is about the lives of their owners." - John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

"Recreating Eden... may just be the tonic needed to survive the last few weeks of early spring deprivation. After four months of bleak, white landscapes, this infuse of color is like a drug." - Brian Gorman, Tribune Media

From garden retreats in the Italian hillsides to gigantic biodomes regarded as the eighth wonder of the world and private country gardens only we are allowed to see, each unique episode of Recreating Eden features a gardener who takes the viewer on a tour of his or her unique earthly paradise as well as on an intimate journey into their personal lives.

Through vivid images of nature and beautiful narration, we are invited to witness how a single plant can elicit memories of the past, heal emotional pain, excite our creative imagination and, most importantly, provide us with an example of how the pure beauty of nature can transcend the troubles of our modern world. 13 x 1/2 hour series.

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