Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease

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Lyme disease, a mysterious tick-borne illness, is the fastest spreading vector-borne disease in the United States. Over the past decade, rising temperatures have encouraged the ticks to migrate at an alarming speed into Canada and other new territories around the world. Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease is a fascinating and eye-opening documentary that explores a disease that has devastating effects, is often misdiagnosed and mistreated, and continues to be mired in a medical controversy.

More than 30,000 cases are reported in the USA every year, but the real number could be as high as 300,000. And despite hard evidence that the Lyme-carrying, deer tick has already established populations across Canada, the medical community still frequently fails to accurately diagnose it. Why is that?

Directed by Ryszard Hunka (Decoding Desire, The Battle of the Bag; Love, Hate and Propaganda; The 8th Fire), Ticked Off includes interviews with North America’s top scientists including Dr. Gary Wormser, Stephen Barthold, and Sam Dante who are responsible for some of the most recent science on Lyme Disease. The film follows the tragic stories of Lyme Disease sufferers and investigates the reasons behind the medical and political controversies that continue to surround this mysterious and elusive illness.

From the micro world of the tick and its disease-causing bacteria, to the macro world of human suffering and medical science, Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease investigates the truth behind this current medical controversy.