Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease - Institutional License

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Lyme disease is the #1 vector-borne disease in the US with over 300,000 cases reported every year.. Over the past decade, global warming has spread Lyme Disease across North America and around the world with alarming speed and devastating consequences.

From the micro world of the tick and its disease-causing bacteria, to the macro world of human suffering and medical science, TICKED OFF: THE MYSTERY OF LYME DISEASE follows the stories of sufferers of Lyme Disease and investigates the reasons behind the medical and political controversies that continue to surround this mysterious and elusive illness.. This powerful documentary provides essential information on testing; misdiagnosis; treatment and prevention.

The TICKED OFF: THE MYSTERY OF LYME DISEASE 2-Disc set also includes special extended  interviews and footage with Lyme Disease patients and North America’s key scientists and experts including:  

  • Dr. Stephen Barthold, Veterinary Pathologist and Microbiologist at the University of California
  • Dr. Ernie Murakami, Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus, UBC, Canada
  • Dr. Maureen McShane, a physician and former Lyme sufferer who treats Canadian patients in Plattsburg, NY
  • Dr. Richard Horowitz, Director of the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Centre in NY
  • Dr. Sam Donta, Infectious Disease specialist in Falmouth, MA
  • Dr. Gary Wormser, Chief of Infectious Diseases, New York Medical College