Vixens & Virgins: And Other Mythological Creatures-EDU

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Vixens & Virgins follows one mother’s fascinating investigation into the lives of teenage girls and whether there is truth behind all the recent media reports. Three teenage girls share the intimate details of their personal lives, giving us an honest glimpse into what has been described as the most self-destructive generation of girls in modern history.
Using candid interviews, intimate video diaries, and an experimental interactive project called The Honesty box, which received over 1000 responses, we journey through the highs and lows of the modern teenager.
Headlines would have us all believe that teenage girls have gone wild. But is that really true? The answers are surprising and often contrary to popular belief. Through conversations about drug abuse and sexual relationships, anorexia and “mean girl” cliques, cutting and the pressure to be popular, the girls and specialists invite us into the real-life stories behind all those headlines–—some of which prove to be true and others surprisingly not...