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Narrated by scientist, author and broadcaster David Suzuki, What Trees Talk About: Secrets in the Boreal Forest is an awe-inspiring look at the secret and dynamic life of trees in the boreal forests of the north – how they communicate, wage war and work together to transform their world and ours.

Director Ryszard Hunka, uses spectacular panoramic visuals and high-end CGI animation to show us Earth’s largest land-based biome, the boreal forest.  Its extreme environment places a high demand on the flora and fauna of the region to adapt to survive. This fascinating journey into the heart of the boreal, reveals the hidden social connections that allow trees to thrive in harsh conditions, from sharing food and water through their roots, to starving out the squirrels that stand in the way of reproduction – boreal forest trees even band together to change the weather.

What Trees Talk About: Secrets in the Boreal Forest offers a fresh perspective, debunking the common myth that trees are inactive, solitary beings. Leading edge researchers and scientists such as Stan Boutin (University of Alberta), Annie Desrochers (Université du Quebec en Abitibi Témiscamingue), John Gunn (Laurentian University), Jill Johnstone (University of Saskatchewan), Andrew McAdam and Ryan Norris (University of Guelph), Andrew Tanentzap (University of Cambridge) and Joel Thornton (University of Washington) take us on a tour of the boreal realm.

How will this force of nature, which has been integral to the health of our planet for over 10,000 years, change with the onslaught of climate change? And can these boreal species adapt quickly enough to survive?

Directed by: Ryszard Hunka